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Inno Metal Studs Corp. is a proud sponsor of UNT College of Engineering.


We are diligently working hand-in-hand to support the brilliant minds of UNT in our mutually beneficial endeavor to advance the R&D, science, and patentable applications of cold-formed steel construction technology.


INNO’s Research Institute is designed to accommodate the research of technologies that help us expand our manufacturing capacity. The expansion supports the organization’s mission to shape the future of cold-formed steel (light gauge) in structural framing applications.

Our Research Team is guided by these goals.


Innovation is the foundation of our R&D vision. This lab is key in fostering discovery and linking technology and innovation to our processes.



INNO recognizes that the manufacturing and construction fields are ever-evolving. Our lab is a facilitator of the building blocks for growth.



The lab creates dynamic & responsive energy among personnel and promotes a sense of efficiency in the collective workflow of the organization.



The developments made in this lab will have an impact on residential and commercial construction throughout the world. This lab is a direct reflection of INNO’s global purpose and responsibility in sustainable structural framing methods.

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