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Wood Vs. Steel Framed Homes (How Do They Compare?)

So you're in the beginning process of building your home, should you build with steel or wood frames? Well, despite popular belief there are more pros going with steel than wood. Due to recent breakthroughs steel is no longer more expensive than wood. And there are many other benefits that steel has over wood that we will be going over. If you have any questions after reading be sure to contact us with the information below!

Metal studs are rodent resistant so no more rat and termite problems! This means maintenance costs overall will be lower. Termites are a growing problem in Northern America. In fact, that causes more property damage than fire damage. Going with steel framing is the best repent overall!

One of the best qualities of steel framing is that steel is the most recycled material on the planet! Any leftover steel can be reused which costs cost. Also, manufacturing metal studs with recycled steel do not emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Wood does emit VOCs and is not recyclable.

Metal studs are completely unaffected by moisture and humidity if they are galvanized. Because of this they can not warp or rot so they will remain straight and sturdy for a long time. Because of this steel is the preferred material in golf states as well as Hawaii!

Metal studs are extremely lighter than wood, this is because they are hollow so they required less labor to maneuver. This almost increases the speed at which the overall structure is produced.

Steel-framed buildings are proven to be more structurally superior against the brutal forces of nature such as extreme winds, harsh earthquakes, intense snow storms, and even brutal hurricanes!

Since we prefab, our metal stud scrap percentage is less than two percent. If you were to compare this to wood it on average produces on average twenty percent scrap. The result will lower disposal costs and has a positive impact on the environment.

Wood is combustible steel is not! Steel framing is non-combustible! With steel framing, you can expect to qualify for insurance premiums that otherwise would be disqualified with wood framing.

Wood framing used to be cheaper than steel but in recent years has been inflated as high as 400%! Steel has barely increased in price and is now the cost-effective alternative. This used to be the main reason why contractors or DIYs stay away from steel. Not anymore you can actually save your wallet going with steel!

Over the years Cold-Formed Steel has dramatically evolved to where it’s at today. It’s been around for decades but needed to evolve further to be a practical method for construction. All thanks to our amazing engineers for making industry-changing breakthroughs we can now give contractors and homeowners the best framing option that is not only good for wallets, but it’s also great for our planet.

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