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Wood Studs Too Expensive? You May Want To Consider Steel!

Typically a building is built with a wooden structure. This method of construction has been around for thousands of years. But did you know there was another alternative? One that is cheaper, lighter, stronger, faster, and even Eco-friendly! This amazing alternative we are talking about is one of the most recycled materials in America, steel. By replacing the insufficient methods of producing wooden studs and switching to steel studs we are able to provide our customers with a product that will save them time and money.

We are able to reuse recycled steel to produce flat steel coils. These coils are then fed

through our CFS Rolling Machine which is capable of producing multiple profiles of studs and tracks ranging from 12GA to 25GA, this proprietary machine utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure accuracy and speed.

If you were wondering what CFS means it’s an acronym for Cold-Formed Steel. It's the most efficient method of producing steel studs and a massive benefit is that it’s Eco-friendly.

What’s great about our production is that there is literally no waste since our machine cuts and bends perfect measurements every time. This also accelerates building time, tight deadlines are not so tight anymore! We can either piece together the studs according to the plans provided or we can send the studs to the client and let them do that themselves. The studs are easy to work with and fast to piece together!

Want to learn more about our company? Give us a call to answer any questions or book a tour! 800.909.8800


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