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Why is Cold-Formed Steel Framing Becoming The Preferred Building Material in Construction?

A versatile solution offers several cost, speed, and sustainability benefits over concrete and wood.

Cold-Formed Steel framing isn’t new technology, in fact, it’s been around since the 1850s. However, its popularity has impressively exploded in recent years from breakthroughs allowing it to be more sustainable and cost-efficient. In recent years custom building has massively profited their revenue and within Los Angeles, building permits have shot up an impressive 42% in comparison to the year prior. CFS or Cold-formed steel framing has been giving contractors the advantages of shorter project lengths, less waste, and reduced cots. These advantages have awarded steel framing as a go-to resource for construction and architecture professionals across several industries worldwide.

The flexibility of design with cold-formed steel framing

The design process for cold-formed steel framing is simplified, with every joist produced to meet the desired strength levels and tolerances as required for each individual structure. Incorporating these specifications at the design stage allows architects to create freely while staying within the parameters of the project.

The versatility of steel can be seen in more than cold-steel-formed structures alone, as steel can be molded into just about any shape. Steel structures can range from the simplest of warehouses to skyscrapers to residential homes. Some of the most famous buildings and structures around the globe were crafted from steel, including Dubai’s Burj Khalifa (the tallest man-made building in the world) and Chicago’s Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower).

Here are some more benefits to list for you:

  • Cold-formed steel framing weighs less than concrete and wood

  • Shorter construction turn table with Cold-Formed Steel S(CFS)

  • Steel is a cost-effective construction material

If you have any questions about steel framing give us a call at 800.909.8800 you can also schedule a tour at one of our facilities!

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