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Steel Framing VS Wood Framing

  1. Metal studs are rodent resistant so no more rat and termite problems! This means maintenance costs overall will be lower.

  2. Manufacturing metal studs with recycled steel do not emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Wood does emit VOCs and is not recyclable.

  3. Metal studs are completely unaffected by moisture and humidity if they are galvanized. Because of this they can not warp or rot so they will remain straight and sturdy for a long time.

  4. Metal studs are much lighter, this is because they are hollow so they required less labor to maneuver.

  5. teel-framed buildings are shown to be more structurally sound against the forces of nature such as high winds, earthquakes, snow storms, and even hurricanes!

  6. Since we prefab, our metal stud scrap percentage is less than two percent. If you were to compare this to wood it on average produces on average twenty percent scrap. The result will lower disposal costs.

  7. Steel framing is non-combustible! However, wood is definitely combustible. With steel framing, you can expect to qualify for insurance premiums that otherwise would be disqualified with wood framing.

  8. Wood framing used to be cheaper than metal but due to recent fluctuations in supply steel is either cheaper or has the same costs as wood.

Have questions that need answers? Let us help!

Want the peace of mind that comes with knowing maintenance costs for the short and long term? Want to inherit the long-term benefits of steel? Deciding how to frame your building is no small undertaking and other are several factors to consider before how to land on a final decision. Acquiring the information is your first step to making the right choice for you and your project! Give us a call at 800.909.8800

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