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Light Gauge Steel Construction Leads to Improved Safety!

In the absence of a catastrophic event, false senses of security abounds. This suggestion of satety implies existing measures are good enough. When typical, traditional practices are accepted as just sufficient, sub-standard safety designs and material usage gradually become the norm.

The Abbey at Briar Forest Apartments in Houston is the perfect example of how quickly these traditional practices can cause devestation.

The risk of rapid flame spread on August 4th, 2022, was not a huge concern until the tragedy occurred, resulting in 12 families becoming displaced.

At INNO Metal Studs Corp., we understand why it's so important to go beyond simply checking the material box when it comes to the very frame of your structure.

Considering the application that a fire-stopping material is intended to serve is essential. Steel is well known for its fire-resistant properties, but specifying a material simply based on density or thickness isn’t sufficient. The way a material is made can affect its performance. In the case of Light Gauge Steel, we're committed to manufacturing our top quality structural framing material to deliver structural soundness, fire / water / rot resistence, provide thermal protection and repel fire.

Understanding the purpose a material is designed to serve, and selecting a product tested to the specific full-scale test standard for the application and listed by a certification body is critical when supporting fire-stopping functions in enclosures. INNO is dedicated to maintaining current ICC-ES certifications so that you can be assured you, your family or your building is fire safe.

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