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Five Long-Term Benefits of Steel Framing

How Metal Building Save Money After Construction

Prefabricated steel buildings have the ability to cust costs in every phase of construction. However, the savings don't stop with the building process. Savings continue during the overall lifecycle of the steel structure. This blog will cover the five long-term benefits of steel construction.

1) Steel framed building qualifies for reduced insurance rates

If you're using a wooden structured home you are missing out! Most insurance companies offer huge discounts on rates for buildings with steel framing. This is because steel structures are resistant to damage from high winds, earthquakes, snow, heavy rains, termites, vermin, fire, lighting, and mold much better than other construction materials.

2) Low Maintenance

In the United States Americans on average annually spend $5 billion on termite control and repairs because of the damage caused by them. Steel is termite and rodent resistant, so there is no need to treat the steel with harsh chemicals on a regular basis. Termites cannot make steel into a meal, so steel-framed buildings will never require the thousands of dollars for repairs that would be needed from the devastation caused by termites on unsuspecting wooden structures. And most property insurance policies will not cover termite-related damages.

3) Fewer Foundation Problems Over Time

Steel framing is significantly lighter than its wood counterpart. This is because steel studs are able to be completely hollow without losing their structural integrity. Secondly, steel buildings require far fewer pieces of framing than wood. Because there is less weight on the foundation this means less settling and therefore reduces the chance of costly foundation problems down the road.

4) Less Expensive Remodeling on Steel Buildings

If expansion is required later, a pre-engineered steel building at either indwell is simply a matter of ordering more frames to match the original structure. Adding additional space on the sidewalls just required another steel structure to add to the original building.

5) Retains Their Value Longer

Steel framed buildings retain their original appearance and value exceptionally well! Steel buildings will remain straight for decades. Plus, the stronger connectors used in INNO frames will not work out as nails used in ordinary wood structures do.

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