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Anderson Apartment 

This project was developed and constructed by INNO's business partner. INNO provides solution to overall apartment structure design by using cold-formed steel (light-gauge-steel). This project locates in Houston, Texas, total of 110,000 SQFT, 3 stories. 

The above-ground structure of entire building is applied with steel (cold-formed steel), including 4 staircases, which can be divided into two sections: wall structure and truss structure. The maximum is 25 ft, except for a few large-span spaces that require structural steel. All other structures are made of cold-formed steel. This is the first time that such a large-scale (155 units) project in Texas area applied the unified member of cold-formed steel, including all walls and trusses: 43 mil, 50ksi galvanized steel. 

INNO sourced steel coils from US STEEL, all steel members are made in USA. We prefabricated panels within our facility and delivered to the jobsite even before the foundation was well established. 

The foundation part of this project used hold-down kits to connect with slab rather than using foundation bolt. INNO products made MEP work more efficient. 99% of this project made of cold-formed steel, only in gym area, Red Irons were used. 

INNO SPEED is amazing. The lead time for each phases in this project is stunning. It took 50 days to provide overall structural design, 30 days to complete off-site steel members production and 60days to finish steel framing. It took shorter time to get the approval for the blueprints and city inspection. The turnover period of all phases is shorter, and the project was sold and delivered on time. 

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