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Upholding the Legacy of the First Building Tech Company Listed on NASDAQ

It's our mission to deliver cost-saving, sustainable solutions to the construction industry through cutting-edge developments in steel framing.

Why Metal Stud?

Steel Framing Costs Lower

When you choose INNO METAL STUDS to build steel structure, the total cost including metal studs and labor could be lower than overall construction cost of wood framing.

Maximize Construction Efficiency

INNO METAL STUDS are 100% automatically cut and punched which increase the construction efficiency 10 times faster than traditional wood framing. No needs for manual on-site calculations and cut which could save up to 70% labor costs.

AI Designed & Zero Waste

The entire production and prefabrication are off-site in INNO facility. No on-site operations, INNO delivers steel structure even before the foundation is settled. AI designed manufacture systems considering MEP automatically cut and punch - 100% zero waste.

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Want Big Savings on Labor Costs? 
Steel Framing Is The Solution!


How much in labor costs could be saved if you choose INNO steel framing? 

Over 60%! Using one wood-framed 3,000 sqft single-family home structure with a 6-laborer team as an example, on average it takes 2 weeks to complete the framing work when working with lumber

Compared with that, INNO Pre-Assembled Steel Framing will only take up to 3 days to finish the steel structure, saving you upwards of 60% on your projects' total budget. 

Steel Framing is ideal for developers. Our team can rapidly design & produce modular metal studs for any project, whether your project is residential, commercial or industrial. If you can dream it, we can help you build it.


Check out the following video to see our ability in action! 

INNO Services 

we provide services from steel structure design to prefabricated steel framing

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Steel Structure Design & Detailing

Our professional Engineer team provides cold-formed steel structure design and shop drawings. It is sealed and stamped to all project types of structures -- residential, commercial, or industrial.

If you have a your wood-based structural design, we can easily convert your plans to our light gauge steel material!


Metal Studs Material

INNO manufactures cold-formed light gauge steel studs for wall panels, trusses, and stairs based on structural design.

Our intelligent machines automatically cut and punch-out metal studs for MEP purpose.

We provide light gauge metal stud and track products from 12 GA to 24 GA.


Prefabricated Panels and Trusses

Our skilled labor team will pre-assemble metal studs into steel panels and trusses within our facility. We deliver prefabricated panels and trusses to your jobsite, making it easy for you to do the final installation. Reduce your jobsite waste with INNO's pre-assembled structural steel products!

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Check Our Residential Steel Framing Project
in Nassau Bay Texas


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How the Builders Love INNO Steel Framing

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Benefits of Steel

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